Selena blev sjuk på Jay Leno!

Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital last night, just after she appeared on "The Tonight Show" -- TMZ has learned.
Sources tell us ... Gomez was feeling horrible during and after the show, complaining of nausea and a severe headache. She was taken to a Los Angeles area hospital and is still there, undergoing tests.
We're told the exact cause of her illness is not yet known.

Selena's Intervjuv Med Vevo

intervju med terra !

60 sekunders utmaning.

Behind the scenes för monte carlo.

Selenas Intervjuv Med Inför MMVAS

A=Selenas Svar

Q: How are you feeling about hosting the MMVAs?
A: I’m so stoked! A little nervous, I’m definitely a little nervous -- but I can’t wait. It’s going to be really fun.

Q: What hosting experience do you have? Have you ever done anything like this before?

A: No! Which is crazy. I think that’s what’s going to make this better, just because I’ve never hosted anything before, and something as big as the MuchMusic Video Awards is kind of a big step, so I think that’s why I’m probably nervous, but I’m going to try to do the best I can.

Q: All we know about this year’s show so far, apart from the fact you’ll be co-hosting, is that
Lady Gaga’s going to be performing. Are you a fan at all, have you ever encountered her over the years?
A: Oh, of course I’m a fan. I’ve never encountered her. I did walk past her at the MTV Music Awards and was kind of star-struck, I didn’t know what to do. She was walking quickly, I think they had to go perform, and I walked right past her and was like freaking out because she was wearing her [meat] costume, and it was cool to see her in person.

Q: What are your plans for the show?

A: We’re still working all that out. I think once I get up there I’m going to try working out a couple things, and come up with a couple ideas with my band even. …I’m hoping to [perform something off the new record]. The first single off the new album is “Who Says,” and I’m hoping to perform my second single off the third record, “Love You Like a Love Song.”

Q: I was hoping you might sneak some rapping in. Your video of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” is pretty amazing.

A: Ha ha ha! That’s a good idea! Yeah!

Q: What chance is there that’d happen?

A: I don’t know, but that’s the first time I’ve heard that, and that’s pretty awesome. I want to rap on my tour this summer, my first headlining tour. I’m trying to incorporate that in the set.

Q: The same Nicki Minaj cover, or what would you be doing?

A: I think I want to do that [“Super Bass”]. We’re thinking about writing something, but I’m a horrible rapper, so I think we’ll do something by Nicki Minaj because I love her.

Q: It feels like you just put out
A Year Without Rain (Gomez’s previous album, September 2010). What are you trying differently on the one that’s coming out June 28?
A: We did this one quickly. Originally, I was only going to record four new songs in the studio to release before I go on tour. […] I wanted to release a couple of new songs for my fans, so when they came to the tour they’d have new material to rock out to. “Who Says” was the first one I recorded, and I was obsessed with the message, so we ended up releasing it as a single, and the feedback was really cool and everybody, the fans, loved it, and it was such an inspirational song, I was really proud of it. And once I went back in the studio, I recorded two and three [songs], and then I recorded four and five, and ended up just working with different producers and just decided to put together a third record before the tour.

Q: Who were you working with?

I worked with Tim [James] and Antonina [Armato], from Rock Mafia, who gave me my song “Naturally,” [from 2009’s Kiss & Tell], and they gave me three songs on the new album. I worked with them so quickly, that’s why we had three songs already. I worked with Toby Gad, who I worked with on my first and second record, and I worked with him on two new songs with Pixie Lott. And Britney Spears co-wrote a song that I got to record, which I’m very excited about. Katy Perry gave me a song that is very cheeky and very Katy, which I’m really excited for everyone to hear.

Q: What’s the Katy Perry song about?

It’s called “That’s How I Like It.” It’s really funny. It’s about how a woman’s going to defend herself in a relationship, like, “You’re going to cook dinner for me, I want you to bring me my food. Massage my feet.” And basically it’s very woman-empowering, so it’s very, very fun, it’s very upbeat.

Q: The Britney Spears song: What did she contribute on that track?

A: She did one, and it’s called “Whiplash.” She wrote most of the song with two co-writers I went in and recorded the song with. I guess they had recorded a song a while back, I’m not sure of the whole story.

Q: How did you get the chance to record it?

A: There’s a few songs that get sent in, and I think this song was in the mix of all of them, and I heard it and thought it was so cool, and it was different, and I didn’t actually find out ‘til later that she had co-wrote it.

Q: Does it sound like something off of
Femme Fatale?
A: Well, Femme Fatale is an INSANE record. I don’t think I can go anywhere near as insane as that record is, that record is so good. It’s a different version of it. It is still very techno and dance-y, but it’s a different version.

Q: Is it true you’re planning on doing a tribute to Britney Spears’ music on your tour?

A: I am. She was the first record that I ever bought, I saved my money up and bought it […Baby One More Time] myself. She was the first concert that I ever attended. I think she’s, like, the princess of pop. And she’s been very -- she’s kind of been inspirational in the music world, and I’d love to pay tribute to her with something, because I have everyone one of her records. [The tribute] is a mash-up that we’re going to do. Because everyone knows Britney songs. Even if you’re a guy, you know Britney songs. I want it to be a big sing-along. I don’t want it to be crazy, I just want it to be a big sing-along.

Q: You mention how she’s been an inspiration to people in pop music. How has she affected you, apart from the fact you like her songs?

A: I think she has the perfect mix of the girl-next-door meets a really untouchable pop-star-icon. I feel like she has that perfect mix. I remember when I was little, every girl wanted to be her and every guy wanted to be with her. And I think that was so wonderful that people could relate to her. And I think she has the most incredible fans in the whole world, that support her through everything she’s been through. And I really admire her strength, and think she’s a really wonderful person.

Q: You said earlier that you were really obsessed with the message of “Who Says?” How reflective of the rest of the album is it?

A: It’s funny because it’s a lot different. “Who Says” is a lot more organic, there’s a lot of guitar and it’s more simple. The whole record, the theme of it is really inspirational. I have a lot of pretty songs, I don’t think I have any negative songs on this record at all, actually. I have, like, one breakup song, but other than that, they’re all really upbeat. I want my music to reflect what the message is behind “Who Says,” which is inspiring, uplifting, and upbeat, that makes people want to move and dance, I want my music to be fun and light for everybody.

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